I Met Prince After His Death

I feel crazy telling this story, because I try to be as skeptical as possible. But after thinking about it many times, and after telling many people about it, I still feel that this absolutely happened. 

I'll just come out and say this: I'm a medium. I have had experiences with energies and spirits from the other side from a very young age (around age two), and really began to open up my gifts a few years ago. 

In August 2016, four months after Prince's death on April 21, my family took a trip to Paisley Park to check out the shrine that fans had created along the fence outside. This was obviously before Paisley Park was turned into a museum, so we did not go inside. 

I could sense a presence on the grass on the other side of the fence, standing underneath a flood light. It felt pleasant and positive, like this energy was enjoying the warm air. 

I got disconnected from my family as I was walking slowly along the fence shooting video footage with a GoPro. Then, something (or someone, rather), stopped me. 

"Careful, don't step in the puddles," someone said to me, resting their hand on my shoulder. Confused, I looked down...and noticed a puddle I was about to step in, unbeknownst to me. 

I could feel an energy about as tall as me (I'm 5' 1"...Prince was 5' 3") to my left. This was a masculine energy and almost had this sort of "flirtatiousness" to it. 

I'm positive this was Prince telling me not to step in the puddle. 

I walked away smiling, and even my mom noticed a difference in my demeanor, telling me she'd never seen me smile that big. I knew in my heart Prince was there that night, and I believe he's still there continuing to write music. And, I really don't think my experience is unique; I feel he visits with a lot of people at Paisley Park. 

Being a medium, I have to be very critical of every experience I have. I've had some pretty scary experiences with the other side, and have also had to tell myself other instances are just a coincidence or are not actually spirits. The last thing I want is to be some hack medium that tries to communicate with deceased celebrities. But, two years later and after tuning in to this experience, especially while viewing photos or videos of Prince, I know in my heart this was a real experience. 

Rest in peace, Prince Rogers Nelson. 

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