Unprompted, Our 5 Year Old, Elsie, Created Her Own Slumberland Commercial

I guess Daddy, the radio guy, is rubbing off the one of the kiddos. 

While Mommy and baby sis took a nap, Elsie decided to go into a bathroom, armed only with iPad and her own knowledge, and craft her own "Slumberland commercial". 

We didn't ask her to do this, gave her no direction, nothin. Mommy just found it on her iPad an hour, or so, later. 

I probably better watch my back......she's apparently gunnin' for me and my job. 

Full disclosure.....do not feel bad if you don't understand her. I have NO idea what she's saying in the first 10-15 seconds, but I admire her enthusiasm!

Also, the lip smackin' drives me nuts. Tryin to be such a professional big girl.

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