Are These Really Minnesota's Best Omelets?

Omelets are hands down my favorite breakfast food - they can be as low-carb or fatty and stuffed with bacon, cheese, and sausage as you want them to be. 

A recent opinion article at pens the omelets at Stacy's Kitchen in Wabasha, Minnesota, as the best in all of Minnesota. While I've never had these omelets myself, a title like that really makes me question the claim. 

The article states that the order "can fill you up for the whole day." They share photos of the skillet omelets here

Honestly, I haven't gotten out to explore all of the best breakfast and brunch places in the Twin Cities yet. I can tell you that I trust IHOP will never disappoint, but I need some help deciphering which locally-owned restaurants truly have the best omelets. 

Have you had the omelets at Stacy's in Wabasha? Who serves THE BEST omelets in the Twin Cities? Tweet me your suggestions @mollieonair on Twitter! 

Photos: Google Street View, Getty Images/Alejandro Lorenzo, EyeEm

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