These Katy Perry Scented Jelly Sandals are a Lake Must-Have

You may have grown up wearing jelly sandals, but trust me, Katy Perry's The Geli sandals are the cutest adult version you'll find out there and they are a must-have for the lake this summer. 

Elite Daily reports Urban Outfitters is selling these scented sandals that come in six colors and scents: green (lime), red (strawberry), white (cherry), pink (watermelon), orange (peach), and yellow (lemon). 

The cost? $49. To me, that's reasonable for a Katy Perry item. 

To be honest, these look like they'd slice up my feet and give me blisters. I could be totally wrong. They're pretty fabulous, though. Should I suffer in the name of fashion to sport those grape jellies? I think I'm ready. 

Would you get these? Tell me what's on your summer shopping list @mollieonair on Twitter. 

Photo: Getty Images/Jsheets19

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