Change These Things if Your Life Feels Boring

Change is scary, but it's inevitable. So is boredom. 

I think we all go through phases of boredom throughout our lives, and it's totally normal. We lose sight of what we wanted to do with our lives because we got so busy sticking to routine. Eventually we feel like we lost sight of where we were going, and end up feeling like life is less than exciting. 

Elite Daily says you should change these seven things in your life if you're feeling bored. While the article focuses on people in their 20s, I think this definitely applies to anyone at any age or life stage. 

I agree with all of them, especially changing "relying on everything to be planned out," "a relationship you're not happy with," and "fearing the unknown factors of the future." Lately I've been trying to change my style, which I think can be equally challenging as letting go of those other things. 

What have you changed to make your life less boring? 

Photo: Getty Images/Jacob Dahstrom, EyeEm

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