VIDEO: Dancers and Dogs Will Warm Your Heart

Dancers & Dogs / Pratt + Kreidich Photography

It takes a lot for me to stop the important stuff I'm doing on Facebook to stop and watch a video. But this photography project caught my attention because it's so adorable and such a great idea. 

Dancers & Dogs is the genius photography project created by Pratt + Kreidich Photography involving the Saint Louis Ballet and other dancers from around the country. Their goal is to take photos of 100 dancers and 100 dogs, with plans to take their project to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  

There are currently no plans to come up to the Twin Cities, but hopefully that changes!

If you have friends in any of those other cities who have the perfect pooch with a future "modeling" career, contact Pratt + Kreidich here

Image and video share permission granted by Pratt + Kreidich via Instagram. Follow Dancers & Dogs on IG, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and check out their gallery at

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