Here's Why Seeing "A Quiet Place" Is A Really Unique Theater Experience

I carried seeing "A Quiet Place" with me all day yesterday. First and foremost.....what an incredible film. If it's not nominated for Best Picture, the Academy should just fold up shop and call'er a day. This flick is exactly what making movies and art is all about. I reacted in a way I NEVER thought I would upon seeing a "horror" flick (I put horror in parentheses because I believe it's much more than that) a certain point, I cried. I cried a good cry. Not sobbing, but not just tearing up either. Go see it, you'll know exactly which scene made me cry. 

Props to John Krasinski......I've followed much of his career.....this has to be his crowning achievement.....aside from being Jim. I believe this will be his arrival, taking him to the next level in Hollywood. Don't get me wrong, Emily Blunt (who also happens to be John's wife, if you didn't know) is EXCELLENT in this flick. As are the kids. And the alien for that matter. But given John co-wrote, directed and starred.....pretty impressive stuff.

Ok, now.....a tip......

Do NOT arrive late, like we did. Haha. But we didn't have a choice. It's life of being a parent, but it was the most awkward entrance into a movie theater of my life because everything is silent. I, literally, didn't dare attempt my pretzel and cheese for 10 minutes. And taking off my jacket has never felt "loud" before. Oh and my wife, Spencer, didn't even think of bringing her Twizzlers out of their bag.

Seeing this movie is one of the most unique theater experiences ever. First, the audience is absolutely silent, because they're riveted. BUT unlike most films.......the MOVIE is largely silent too which lends perfectly to the overall ambiance and mood. Yes, it adds suspense. 

It's kind of like this...........

Here are some other thoughts to branch out on the "unique experience" it is seeing it in a theater......

I can't stress how much I loved this film. It's not typically what I get into, but something said I needed to see it and that something was spot on. SO, even if you don't think it's totally your kind of movie.....go see.

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