I Finally Saw Super Troopers 2 & I Think It's Better Than The Original!

4/20 UPDATE: I finally saw Super Troopers 2.

Ok, I saw it and I loved it. Yeah, that's probably predictable, but I really do think it was good. In fact, I think it was great. Hardcore fans of the first Super Troopers flick might get angered by this or think it's impossible, but I really think the sequel might be better than the original. 

Yes, correct. Better. Sure, there are scenes in the original that are now iconic, like the opening sequence and the "meow" scene (along with a couple others I can't mention). BUT there are scenes like that in this one.....example, the "Danny DeVito scene". Won't elaborate thus no spoilers. There are more stupid, ridiculous shenanigans and one liners original to this sequel. It doesn't just hinge on call backs to the previous or try to carry on/cling to the previous. It stands alone. On it's own. (Yes, there are some call backs and some references). 

All in all, though, the movie, as a whole, was just better. I'll leave it at that so I don't spoil anything. OH and Farva is better in this one.....if that's possible. 

I can finally share some photos from the set back in Sept. of 2016 in Boston. What a fantastically unique and fun time.

Also, Yes, it's true......I'm a movie star......IF you don't blink that is. In fact, you even see my "Canadian looking face", according to Trooper Steve Lemme, at :58 & 1:08 of the trailer. 

Bottom line is, we had an absolute blast getting to hang on the set, in Boston, for the follow up to the iconic cult classic. An experience I'm quite sure will never be duplicated. The toughest part has been staying quiet, til now, since Sept. of 2016! 

Everything I saw (about 2 or 3 scenes) was SUPER funny. Some friends who have seen it already say it's fantastic. Really can't wait for 4/20.....because, the time, is MEOW. 

Well, actually the time is 4/20, but it's meow, also.

Below are some pics from our time on set, the ones I CAN show you. After 4/20 it'll be different. Best one is the pic at the bottom. What an absolute blast to see how the whole process works and to get to spend some time with these goofballs.

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