Where to Find Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Twin Cities

Mollie and Jaq Jaq

Taking your dog everywhere with you is ideal for a lot of owners, but sometimes it can be tricky finding a place that will welcome your fur baby. 

Bringing your dog along with you for a day out is usually more fun than leaving them at home for several reasons. Not only are you getting quality bonding time with your pup, but you're also meeting a bunch of new people and getting them out of the house for some fresh air. Assuming they're well-behaved, nothing but good things can come from letting them tag along. 

I just moved to the Twin Cities a few months ago, so I'm still pretty unfamiliar with the area but I'm curious as to where I can bring my chihuahua child, Jaq Jaq, for food and drinks once the weather warms up. Even if you've lived in the Twin Cities your entire life, you might not know about all the places that allow dogs on patios during the summer months. 

I came across Bring Fido, which is like a Yelp-like service for restaurants, hotels, activities, and events that allow dogs. According to the site, there are 173 restaurants in Minneapolis alone that allow dogs in their patio seating areas. Saint Paul has 63 pet friendly restaurants listed on the site. 

Where is your favorite dog friendly restaurant? Tweet me your favorite place (@mollieonair), because I'd love to check it out! 

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