Pink Checks All The Boxes - My Thoughts On Her Show At The X

I had multiple people, who I promised would be blown away if they went to see Pink, that messaged me or found me and were right! And I don't brag about that like an "I told ya so". It's more like I'm just thrilled that people enjoyed it as much as we did. We had a BLAST......AGAIN.

I asked people to sum up the who in one word......some responses were:




I agree with all of those. I'd add:





Cuz it has to be fun, still, right? Even if it's all a very powerful message of being kind to one another, not judging people, raising our kids right, still has to be's a POP concert afterall.

Pink, checks all the boxes. 

See below for the "fun" aspect........

For those who are skeptics or cynics.....SHE'S SINGING. That's not some throw away lip sync job. She trains her butt off to control breathing and sing......EVEN when literally flying through the air.

Peace everywhere. My lovely wifey and 2 nieces.....the littlest one got to see Pink in the 13th row for her FIRST EVER concert. Not bad, kid.

Hey Pink! Go punch giant inflatable Eminem in the mouff......Ok Paul, I'm on it!

Bonus-out-of-focus-photo just cuz I like it.

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