Father Shares His "Worst Nightmare" Of Daughter Trapped In Florida School

I saw this live when it was broadcast.....just shook me to my core.

I've never spoke out on this before, but it's time. We NEED stricter gun laws. I am not a gun owner, BUT I'd NEVER want to take away someone's rights. Never. However, 2 things struck me yesterday. For the "normal" purposes of having a gun, NO ONE needs an semi-automatic "assault rifle". It's right there in the G.D. name.....ASSAULT rifle. They're for assaulting people. Here's the second thing......if you do feel  you need to over compensate with a ridiculously powerful assault rifle, we need to make it tougher to get one. I mean it's harder to get a driver's license. Some may not like it, but tough s&%t, kids are dying far too frequently.....OUR CHILDREN.....IN SCHOOLS. SOMETHING has to be done. I am a believer that bad people will find a way to get them, but we simply need to make it more difficult. I'm also a believer that, largely, bad people are the problem, not as much guns, but guns are more easily controlled than the people and, like I said, SOMETHING has to be done. 

If you disagree, you're allowed. If you don't like me anymore and don't want to support me anymore because of what I just said......I'm actually great with that. Plus, if you can't recognize that something needs to change, then we probably shouldn't be friends anyway.

This has become utterly sickening.

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