Winners and Losers of Super Bowl 2018 Commercials


1. Tide 

Genius idea.  Using other ads as your own commercials. Nothing like it has been done before, and using David Harbour? Spot on.

2. Tourism Australia

Retro and funny, could have been the stupidest ad of the entire game, but somehow they pulled it off.

3. Toyota

Pulling at the heartstrings while getting us in the mood for the Winter Olympics?  Genius.

4. NFL

Eli Manning doing Flashdance.  Nuff said.



Using Martin Luther King Jr. to sell a car?  Not just dumb.  Offensive.


Yeah, I know, you might have found this funny.  I found it overrated and trying too hard.  It's literally just celebrity stereotypes, being stereotypes.

3. Monster

Wait, I'm sorry, you're going to do an ad at the Super Bowl and your big star is... IGGY ALZALEA? Hop in a time machine and maybe this would have been good years ago.

4. Squarespace

Weird, confusing, and unfunny.

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