JT's Prince Tribute Has People TICKED OFF 😡, Here's Why I'm Not Ticked

Ok.....I know some people are VERY offended by JT using Prince in his performance. I am NOT going to judge you for that and I'm not going to tell you how to feel. So, this doesn't need to turn into some heated argument where people go off on social media spewing venom, ok? I'm simply going to share my thoughts and interpretations of what I saw and what I know.

Here is why what JT did, doesn't bother me. First, I read all the transcripts from Prince about how doesn't think holograms should be used. That if "he was supposed to perform with Duke Ellington, then he would've been alive" back then. I get that. Here's my interpretation of that and the rest of his words. Again, MY interpretation. Stories and words over the centuries have been interpreted different ways. 

I don't have a problem.......this was simply replaying footage of a performance that had already been performed. IF JT had created a hologram OR RE-created a performance using technology, I'd agree that seems creepy. But this was imply projecting a previous performance on a screen. Felt very much like a tribute to me, rather than a technology driven recreation of a person (which is what I believe was his real issue.....technology.....he doesn't want technology recreating his likeness). 

Second point to why I don't have a problem.......Justin was AT Paisley Park the Thursday before for his new album listening party. He and his people DEFINITELY had dealings with Prince's people/estate to plan that party and Justin definitely knew what his performance was going to be. I have to believe he got their blessing. I have a hard time believing he did it without telling anyone (especially given the rumors were flying, so word was out) and I have an even harder time believing they told Justin "no, we do NOT want you doing this" and he ignored them and said "F" it, I'm going it anyway.

I thought it was a pretty special tribute. I got chills and literally said "wow" during the Prince portion and the lighting of the city. SO cool.

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