ICYMI: MN Donations To Saints' Punter Charity Soar Past $100K!

Ok, this got me teary eyed. This is SUCH a cool act by all involved. If you know me at all you know that one of the places our family is MOST grateful for Children's Hospital. Until today, I didn't even realize this was going on, so upon finding this out, of course, I wanted to share in case you didn't either.

Props to Thomas Morstead on his desire to bring the money back here to Minnesota and HUGE PROPS to YOU.....my neighbors, friends, listeners, fellow Minnesotans for spontaneously giving to an incredible organization. 

Just. WOW. People.

It's an interesting new trend in the NFL, but because the beneficiaries are charities it's 100% amazing!

In the midst of celebrating their team's win or one of their rivals being knocked out, fans from opposing teams are now flooding the charities of their opponents to do some good for someone and something that they respect.

Locally here, Vikings fans have done just this for Saints punter Thomas Morstead who supports the Child Life program at the Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Since the outpouring was so overwhelming Morstead suggested that the funds be donated back to the Children's Hospital here in Minnesota to keep it in the community. Now that the total donated has soared past $100,000 (presently at $175,629) he's planning on returning to Minnesota during Super Bowl week to present a check to the Children's Hospital.

If you are interested in supporting the cause and donating to the MN Children's Hospital on behalf of Thomas Morstead you can do so at the link below......


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