My #3 Album Of The Year - Forget What You Know About Harry

I was truly blown away by Harry Styles' debut release. Then again I had zero expectations.....the only expectation I had was an anticipatory eye roll to disinterest. I'm so happy I decided to heed my own advice and listen with an open mind.

"Sign Of The Times" was my introduction to the new work and still probably my favorite track. This dreamy-Seventies-trip ballad sounds more like David Bowie and Elton John had a baby than any One Direction jingle of the past. Other standouts to me are "Kiwi" & "From The Dining Table" where Harry seems to channel his inner Elliott Smith, and I'm not even sure Harry Styles knew who Elliott Smith was?!

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, listen to this. With that open mind I mentioned. If you're discounting this dude as some boy band're wrong.

(He also makes a darn fine fill late night show host as you'll see at the bottom)

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