The Fletcher Christmas Dance Party

We love dance party's at our home. It's what do, almost every night, to end each day. Well, this time of year, we've decided to turn the dance party's into Christmas Dance Party's......tis the season right.

My wife is generally the conductor of the dance party and she's always loved No Doubt. Naturally when I told her we added a Gwen Stefani Holiday channel to iHeartRadio, she got excited.

Here, check it out........

It's since become our go to for Christmas Dance Party.   Good times.

Also, dance party time is pretty much always "no phones" time.....and I didn't plan this posting in advance so I don't have any dance party videos or photos, so here are some random "decorating for Christmas" photos, just to help paint the picture a bit. And because my girls are easy to show off......

Happy Holidays! Go have a dance party!

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