My Daughters Imagine Dragons Bday Experience + Kare11 Story

So, my friend Rena Sarigianopoulos, who is just so fantastic, reached out to see if Kare 11 could use my night out with Elsie at Imagine Dragons as an example for a story about taking children to concerts. Of course we said yes and I think it turned out great. The spotlight seeks Elsie, that's just how it is.

Check the story, some comments and I shared some of my pics from the night.

For the record, I do think there is such thing as too young. BUT there are too many variables to equate to make a blanket statement. Ultimately, it's up to the parents to know what's best for their kids. Was this night too late for Elsie? Yes absolutely. Did I watch her like a hawk in this mass of people? Yes. She had protective headphones on. I wouldn't trade the experience we had together for anything. We throw around the words amazing and special......this night was TRULY SPECIAL for us.

As for our night, itself, wow. What an experience. It meant so much to me to get some one on one time with my kind hearted sweet little girl. Ever since "baby sis" came along, 16 months ago, it's been very challenging for me to find time with Elsie. Last night was much needed and couldn't have gone any better.

Daddy and Elsie ready for their Imagine Dragons Birthday Celebration Extravaganza.

By the way, she picked out that outfit. Every thread. She's amazing.

Paul Fletcher, his daughter, Elsie, & Imagine Dragons

Not a bad start to the night, hanging with the guys.......

Remember, this IS a bday celebration......there must be cake and ice cream!

After not knowing a string of songs and growing a bit tired, she popped RIGHT back up when Thunder (or as she calls it "Bunga") kicked in......

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