What's That Noise - Sound 2

Day 1 10/3

Slicing into a crisp fall apple

Someone Beat Boxing

Ppening a can of pop

Duct tape

Hole puncher punching holes

Day 2 10/4

Putting a shovel in the ground and shoveling

Opening the latch on a suitcase

Scotch tape being pulled from dispenser

Shuffling a deck of cards

Key being struck on old typewriter then letter striking

Day 3 10/5

Throwing a bean bag against the wall

Pulling a guitar puck from guitar strings

Throwing a ball against a wall and catching it.

Watermelon being sliced in half

Throwing a bean bag against the wallShuffling a deck of cards

Day 4 10/6

Opening up a can of tennis balls

Automatic locks on car doors locking and unlocking

Opening an easy open can with the ring on top.

Opening a can of tennis balls

Cracking an Egg

Day 5 10/9

Cutting a piece of fruit

Closing & latching a briefcase

Cutting a head of lettuce

A game. Throwing a ball at a velcro pad then taking it back off

Opening a champagne bottle

Day 6 10/10

Crushing a pop can

Opening a Pringles Can

Lighting a match from a book of matches

Opening a Soda Can

Someone playing a game of jacks

Day 7 10/11

Opening a beer with an opener

Putting a CD in a case and closing it

Opening a can with a church key

Using pneumatic tubes at the bank

Opening a tube of pringles

Day 8 10/12

Pushing and turning the knob on a laundry machine

Opening a Pringles Can

Opening a can of fake peanuts where the snakes jump out

Putting the pod in the Keurig machine

Opening and closing a CD case

Day 9 10/13

Shooting a nerf gun and hitting a target

Carving a pumpkin

Shooting a potato gun

Crushing a can with a lever operated can crusher

Firework Launching

Day 10 10/16

Striking a Pinata and the contents falling out

Closing a door and locking the deadbolt

Snaps and a zipper being zipped

The middle part of a floppy disk sliding back

Opening a soup can with a tab on it

Day 11 10/17

Opening a can of tennis balls

A pinball in a pinball machine being hit

Cracking the cubes in an ice cube tray

3 ring binder snapping shut

Mechanical stamper

Day 12 10/18

Dragging and dropping a file on the computer into the trash

Tapping a keg

Air compressed staple gun punching a staple into a wall

Basketball grazing off backboard then through hoop

Opening a can of spam

Day 13 10/19

A tennis ball being shot out of a machine and hit

Chopping celery on a cutting board

Opening the latch on a case

Slapping knees and then clapping

Revolving door - how it makes that suction noise when you're in

Day 14 10/20

Opening a can of Pringles and eating a chip

Flip top lid on a trash can opening and closing

Opening and closing the cap on a marker

Self inking stamp stamping and retracting

Removing a wax strip from an eyebrow

Day 15 10/23

Crushing a can

Using a paper cutter

Opening and shutting a 3 ring binder

Needle pin toy being flipped back and forth

Toaster tray down into lock position then popping up

Day 16 10/24

Taking a roll of coins, cracking it, and dumping them

Opening a briefcase

Opening a lock

Opening a canister of peanuts then the metal lid inside of it

Practice golf swing

Day 17 10/25

Ticking of a clock

Unlocking car doors

Power cord plugging into and out of an electrical socket

Opening and closing a car door

Seatbelt buckle latch

Day 18 10/26

Plugging in a guitar into an amp and the static sound after

Plugging in a cord, and flipping the switch on a surge protector

Using the remote to unlock a car door, then getting in and closing door

Clicking the reset button on an outlet

Pushing a coin into a coin counting jar

Day 19 10/27

Metal coffee cup being set down and the top flipped up

Plucking a match from a matchbook and striking it

Opening and closing of a glove box in a car.

Opening and closing blinds on windows

Cassete player going into a tape deck

Day 20 10/30

Igniting a grill

Taking a Tennis ball off one of those velcro paddles

Putting a CD in the case

Pill bottle opening and closing

Putting a key into the lock and turning the key

Day 21 10/31

Clicking a metal pen

Cracking an egg

Opening and closing a portable CD player

Opening a jar of spaghetti sauce

Can opening punching through the top of a can

Day 22 11/01

Putting a cassette tape in a tape player

Putting an 8 track tape into player and closing door

Opening a can with a manual can opener

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