Remembering 9/11 - Incredible Personal Story + Archived CBS Coverage

September 1st, 2001 still resonates with me......maybe not "like it was yesterday", but definitely resonates like a ton of bricks.

Last year, my friend Mark Parrish and I had a gentlemen on our podcast who was working downtown Manhattan on that disastrous & tragic day. Can not thank him enough for sharing this personal account that include so many brutally painful memories. As you'll hear, they are not easy to recount. 

Today I think about Joseph, who I only know through this phone conversation, all the New Yorkers and, mostly, the heroes of that day.....the ones who ran in while everyone else was running out.

Further down this page, you'll see a YouTube link. That is CBS coverage from the morning of. It's crazy to go back and watch with our current perspective of knowing exactly what was going on when they had no idea.

#NeverForget #Remembering911

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