First Day Of School Reminded Me Of This - Matt Hires "Hold You Up"

I can't believe my baby girl, Elsie, is off to Pre-K today. Sure, it's not the high school, first grade or even real kindergarten yet, but she's wearing a uniform and today was the first day of class, so it got all nostalgic and stuff. 

I think of how far she's come after her incredibly tough start with Hirschsprung's Disease (click for more info). She went her first 8 days without pooping. Then we went to Children's, they figured it out and had her fixed in a no time. During our elongated hospital stay, we were given a second home at Ronald McDonald House. 

I decided I wanted to give back and that's where Matt Hires fit in. He offered to write a song about Elsie and our experience at RMH. Below is the music video we shot here in the Twin Cities 3 years ago.

Today, Elsie still has her obstacles like still wearing a diaper at almost 5 years old and probably will be for awhile. Some access tummy and farting issues, but overall she's doing pretty great. 

In this pic, Elsie said she was "cold" and did NOT want to participate. :) (we asked many many times what she wants to be when she grows up, got the same answer every time with the exception of the time we asked while watching Zootopia and she said "Office Elsie Hopps")

MUCH happier once at school and "warmer"

Matt Hires is an incredibly good person and someone I've developed a friendship with over the years. Click below and check him out on iHeartRadio.

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