A Childhood Friend Of Paul Fletcher Needs Your Help

I get sick to my stomach just imaging what it would be like to go through this......

Well, it's a childhood friend of mine and his family going through this.

Vern was my neighbor across the street from late elementary through high school. It leaves me quite unsettled to see his family going through this pain. On July 25th, 2017 his daughter, Rebecca Florek received devasting news that no 24 year old expects to hear. She has Stage IV Lung Cancer. Her doctor told them he was shocked to discover this, stating that this diagnosis is very rare for such a young person. She has undergone a lot of testing and scans in the last couple days and it was found out through an MRI that her brain also has over 30 metastatic brain tumors. Becca will begin her 2 week radiation treatment next week and she is currently undergoing a needle biopsy of the lung tumor to learn what type of lung cancer is present. This will help to determine the appropriate treatment plan. As you can imagine she will no longer be able to work and will need help with medical expenses as well as living expenses while she fights for her life. Becca is at an age where her biggest concern should be what she will be doing on Friday night, not worrying about how to save her life. Becca is a beautiful woman inside and out and always treats people with dignity and respect. She has a huge heart and loves to share her joy with others. Please help her ease her burden while she takes on this terrible disease.

PLEASE, I'm begging for your help. Whatever it is you can do, it will be appreciated.


Help Rebecca

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