Jim Carrey Talks His New Life As An Artist In Documentary

This short six-minute documentary about Jim Carrey’s passion for art was surprisingly delightful. 

The video from SGG goes behind-the-scenes to explore Carrey’s creative talents in painting. The video takes a rather fascinating look into Carrey’s artistic side and travels into his inner artistic persona. 

The video, which is narrated by Carrey, goes inside his head and delves into what fuels the comedian’s art.We have known Carrey to be a brilliant comedic mind, but in this Vimeo video titled “I Need Color” we are treated to Jim Carrey the artist as he spills his heart onto the canvas. 

Carrey has been drawing and painting since he was a young child and he continues to create art as a 55-year-old man. Carrey’s paintings are definitely not bad for someone who used his ass cheeks to talk to people in his movies.

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