“Curvy Wife” Post Is Generating As Much Backlash As Compliments

By now you may have heard about the post by Robbie Tripp about loving his curvy wife, “side rolls” and all. At first many praised him for supporting his wife, now not so much.

An Instagram user responded to Tripp’s post with “This is incredibly insulting to your wife. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Putting yourself on a pedestal for being with her is arrogant.”

Tess Holliday has jumped in and posted “Stop giving men trophies for doing the bare minimum” while posting stats about how many likes men get when posting about their women’s curves, but how few do the same when a woman describes herself that way.

Now others are digging into Tripp’s posting history. So far they have found a “transphobic” post about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

The husband really doesn’t seem to care, at least judging by his Twitter post on Saturday. He shared a Twitter photo of himself lounging on a beach-side balcony and said“This is what I’m currently doing while sad and sarcastic people are getting angry with their keyboard.”

Now Tripp is speaking out about the negativity, saying that it’s a stretch to see his post as self-serving.

“Anybody searching for any sort of negativity in that post — you’ve got to really try and twist the purpose and intent and what I’m saying to even conjure up anything negative from that,” Tripp tells PEOPLE Now. “Because at the end of the day, if you’re hating on that post, you’re hating on a guy loving his wife. You’re hating on a guy celebrating his beautiful wife who he’s attracted to.”

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