What's Good? Piglet Is Rescued During Rush Hour, Finds New Home

Francesca McAndrews was almost to work on July 6 when she spotted the pig.

The tiny swine was dodging traffic on a London street when McAndrews saw it. She slammed on the brakes and, leaving her car to block traffic, chased it down.

“I thought it was a dog at first,” recalls McAndrews, 27. “I chased her around a bit, and I finally caught her.”

Enzo, McAndrews says, “must have fallen off of a livestock truck in the city.”

She didn’t see anything on security cameras outside Lancaster General Hospital, where McAndrews is a social worker, but says Enzo’s tail was cropped, “which is something they do when they’re being raised for food.”

She contacted city police, she says, who didn’t have a missing pig report.

“She was a tiny little thing,” she says. “Although she’s growing really fast.” Now weighing 17 pounds, Enzo will eventually reach 600 to 1,000 pounds, McAndrews says.

But Enzo needs surgery, she says, because of a hernia she apparently sustained in the fall.

“If she gets much bigger, it could rupture,” she says. “Without an operation, the condition is fatal.”

To read more about Enzo and how to help with the cost of her surgery, head to LancasterOnline.com

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