Greg's Mystery Date: Malt-T-Melt Mini Golf

This is just a fun simple inexpensive mystery date I took my gal, Jess to on Friday night and we had a blast. It was one of those beautiful Minnesota summer nights where it just feels great to be outside. This place is in Richfield, just south of the Crosstown on Portland. I think it's open until 9pm and when we drove into the parking lot, she was ecstatic. I mean what girl doesn't love ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches and mini-golf? Well, this place is famous for ALL THREE!

We got there about 7:30 and walked right up. Mini-golf takes about 45 minutes so we put our order in for cheese sammies and we decided to split a chocolate shake for after. Here's what I wasn't prepared for, I GOT BEAT! I consider myself a decent wacker of the links but I was schooled...and in my own backyard no less. # So if you have a tender competitive golf ego like me, you may just want to stick to the grilled cheese and shakes. BTW, the mini-golf course is pretty with many waterfalls, greenery and ponds. 

We finished up our meal at the picnic tables and then dropped into the American Legion next door for an adult beverage and a few pull tabs...

The whole night might have cost $30.00 and even though I lost, my bank account and date idea were winners! We saw lots of families and other couples there too so this summer find a nice Minnesota night for a tasty trifecta of grilled cheese, mini-golf and milkshakes.

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