Vintage Apple Sneakers Can Fetch Up To $100K On The Internet

In the early 1990s, around the same time Apple launched its first color desktop computer, the tech giant made a prototype pair of sneakers with its signature rainbow logo.

They were first sold to a lucky Apple employee some time in the mid-'90s, according to BitRebels.  They later sold for a mere $79 on eBay in 2007.

In the years that followed, the whereabouts of the shoes were unknown — until a friend of Leon Benrimon, director of modern and contemporary art at Heritage Auctions, found them at a garage sale in San Francisco.

Now, Heritage Auctions is auctioning off the pair at its Beverly Hills location. Bidding will begin at 11 am on June 11, and Benrimon tells Business Insider that he expects the sneakers to go for at least $30,000. The starting bid will be $15,000.

"These sneakers are truly unique and have rarely been seen or photographed," he says. "It’s a true collectible for the tech community."

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