If You See Lorde On The Street, This Is What You Should Tell Her

Meeting your musical hero can be an overwhelming and nerve wracking experience, so Lorde just wants to help you prepare in the case that you ever meet her, IRL.

"If you do see me in the street, tell me how you felt about something that I made," Lorde tells  i-D . "Because it literally blows my mind every time."

She'll be especially thrilled if you have a story associated with her music.

"It's always my favorite thing when people come up to me and tell me a specific story about a song or an album and their relationship to it," says Lorde. "It's, like, the best thing ever."

"It especially blows my mind when people are like, 'Oh, I was listening to this album when I was falling in love with my partner,'" she continues. "You're like, 'Oh my god!' 'Cause you know how that feels, to have those songs that you were listening to when you met someone or when you fell in love with them."

If that's you, then you're essentially the reason Lorde creates music.  "That's basically why I make music, hoping that maybe someone will fall in love to one of the songs one day," she says.

Lorde's sophomore album, Melodrama , featuring the single "Green Light," will be released June 16.

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