If You Get Married On These Holidays, Don't Expect Your Guests To Be Happy About It

Are you violating etiquette by planning your wedding on a holiday or over a holiday weekend? Etiquette experts are split on holiday weddings.

Most Acceptable: Columbus Day and New Year's Eve

Least Acceptable: Fourth of July and Christmas

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So, what about holiday weddings, anyway? Are they tacky or acceptable? People getting married might think it’s convenient for guests. No need to ask for time off work, because you’re probably already getting it, right? But what about increased travel costs over holidays? And what about family plans that have to get scratched?

USA Today has a breakdown of the holidays that are okay – and not okay – when it comes to wedding planning.

TOTALLY FINE: Columbus Day - Pretty sure this is only a real long weekend in New England, so go for it, because most people won’t even have Monday off, anyway. 

GO FOR IT: New Year's Eve- New Year’s Eve is awful, why not go to a wedding? You’ve got a built-in party, the food is free, and it’s the perfect excuse not to go to any dumb New Years Eve parties. 

NOT RUDE: President's Day - If you have kids, I can see where this one would be annoying. But if you don’t, you’re probably not going to be heartbroken about giving up a long weekend in winter to go to a wedding.

NOT THAT RUDE: Martin Luther King, Jr Day - Don’t get married on that Monday so that people who want to go to an event honoring Dr. King can do so. But this is generally an okay weekend to get married, as the same logic as President’s day applies.

BORDERLINE RUDE: Memorial Day - Make sure the ceremony isn’t on Monday so that people can pay their respects to those who’ve served in the military.

PRETTY RUDE: Labor Day - It’s the last long weekend of summer, and making someone give it up to go to your wedding is pretty inconsiderate.

SUPER RUDE: July 4th Weekend- July 4th is the best party weekend of the year, don’t mess it up with your wedding.

ALMOST RUDEST: Thanksgiving - Are you insane?

ABSOLUTE RUDEST: Christmas - You better have a really, really good reason for getting married on a weekend that bookends Christmas or a) no one will come to your wedding and b) the ones who do will resent you forever.

(USA Today)

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