Dad Defends Himself Against The Internet For Putting His Daughter On a Leash

On May 27, Clint Edwards, 34, explained why he sometimes uses the backpack safety harness. His status resonated with thousands who commented.

"I put this kid on leash because I love her, but I'm going to get some backtalk about it and it's a complicated position to be in," Edwards told ABC News today. "That's what parents respond to the most is, 'You're doing everything you can to keep your kid safe and somehow, somebody's ready to judge you.'"

"You've just kind of got to blow through that," he said. "I was surprised as many people felt the same as I did."

Edwards, dad to Tristan, 10, and Norah, 7, and Aspen, 3, is the creator of "No Idea What I'm Doing: A Daddy Blog."

“We were at the farmers’ market. No shame. I put this kid on a leash,” Clint Edwards who blogs at No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog wrote on Facebook.

“She’s a wild child, and this thing has already kept her out of the road and from sticking her hand in an ice cream machine, along with keeping me sane.”

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