What's Good? This Little Girl Dresses As Her Cancer Survivor Grandmother For Photoshoot

Three-year-old Scout Larson has a great role model: her grandmother!

The toddler from Niceville, Florida, looks up to her 57-year-old “nonnie” Diane Willoughby, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2016 and went through six rounds of intense chemotherapy from June to September and a double mastectomy in December of last year.

Scout’s mother, Ashley Larson, took pictures of her daughter dressed as her “hero” grandma in a touching series of photographs. In the photo, Scout wears a shirt that reads, “Nonnie is cancer free let’s party!” while Willoughby sports a matching shirt that says, “I am cancer free let’s party!”

“She thinks my mom is tough as nails!” Larson tells PEOPLE of her daughter. “She tells everyone, ‘My nonnie has her hair back, she’s not sick anymore.’ ”

Grandma Cancer Survivor

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