#TBT - My Fav 5 Basilica Block Party Performances

The Basilica Block Party is, in my opinion, hands down the coolest festival-party-concert in the Twin Cities. Period. The end. I feel lucky to have come to a station, in 2012, that helps throw this party. 

Usually when I assemble like this, I don't like ranking.....I just share my favs and leave it at that, but there was one performance since I've been attending the BBP that has stood out as my clear cut favorite and that would be the Imagine Dragons at the 2012 Basilica Block Party.

A quick storm rolled through, literally blowing and raining Tyrone Wells off the stage. Once that storm was done, though, it was absolutely gorgeous. No humidity, temp right in the mid 80's, I believe. Tyrone came back out and played one more song because his set was cut so short, but then.......

Another storm hit.......(hahahaha.....I couldn't resist)

The Imagine Dragons had been through town once prior, playing for quite a small crowd at Triple Rock, so this was their introduction to the masses.....laying the groundwork for countless more appearances in the Twin Cities and a colossal ascent to super stardom. I remember predicting the Dragons would "steal the weekend" and that was definitely the case.

Again, in 2014 I predicted an artist would steal the weekend at the Block Party. Perhaps it wasn't a consensus like in 2012, but Delta Rae, in my opinion, absolutely stole the weekend. This performance is one of the reasons why. Man oh man I love these people.

Perhaps the gutsiest performance, EVER, at a Basilica Block Party didn't even happen on a stage......it happened in a small trailer.....backstage with Rachel Platten......

By the way, last I checked.....Alexa (or Lexi) beat cancer and is kickin butt cancer free!!!!

Couldn't find a great performance video of OAR, but really, it could be any performance of any song from any year. They're a real band....they're a touring band that grinds. They're so damn good it's ridiculous. 

Lastly, a performance that stopped me in my tracks.....literally. I was at the main stage, briefly, or Matt Nathanson last year and had to run back to the church stage......when Matt busted into this. I had to stop and take in as much of it as I could.....in fact, I was almost late getting back to my duties at the church stage. 

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