What's Good? Parents Keep Daughter's Memory Alive By Making Pillows For Kids In The Hospital

Comfort can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s as simple as a brightly colored pillow for the bed of a seriously ill child.

Parents Lisa and Chad Borodychuk, make and donate hundreds of handmade positioning pillows to pediatric Patients at Sparrow and other hospitals. 

The pillows are designed to not only help with comfort but to also offer support to a child with tubing and wires connected to them while lying in bed.

“Pillows became a big part of our lives,” Lisa tells PEOPLE. “Since we started the foundation, we’ve made 4,250 pillows and counting.”

In 2014, Lisa and Chad Borodychuk founded the Olivia Kay Foundation in honor of their daughter, Olivia, who was diagnosed with Alexander disease, a rare and painful disorder of the nervous system, at the age of 2.

Sadly, on April 28, Lisa and Chad lost their “princess” Olivia— but the parents say her positive impact on the world will live on forever.

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