This Adorable 3 Year Old From China Is Internet Famous For Being a 'Little Foodie'

Last year, Quartz and the Daily Mail were among those to take note of her burgeoning fame on the Chinese app Meipai. 

The amount of food she eats "looks big in the video, but it is very little,” says mom Duan Yu, who stays off camera and says the original intent wasn't to make her daughter famous. 

She merely began posting videos of her growing up, and people began to become fascinated with her non-finicky eating habits. 

Duan says it might help that she limits snacks and doesn't ever give the toddler seconds, even if she cries for more. 

Though people have expressed concern that Xiaoman may be eating too much, her mom posted a video of a visit to the doctor to prove that her daughter is healthy.

Xiaoman now has an agent at Models International who says the appeal isn't complicated. She "eats everything by herself and appreciates it," the agent explains. "That's why people love her so much.

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