WATCH: Top 5 Imagine Dragons - Live Performances

Simply put, Imagine Dragons deserves to be mentioned among the BEST live bands on the planet. They bring it EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. 

Let's start with the latest track, Believer. What jumps out to me is how happy Dan is. He's just in a good place now, as he mentioned awhile on a phone call we had for 

This is still, probably, my favorite performance of theirs, I've found online. The early days. The anticipation of something great. Stumbling one something new and exciting. Plus the version of the song is just fantastic.

Ok, this one below doesn't really count, it was just so insanely cool to get the shout out I did, that I felt like including it. And not even to pump up my ego.......more so it shows just how unbelievably humble and kind these guys are. Even after their meteoric rise.



One of, if not, my favorite moments ever from these down to Earth, kind human beings. Some of you may know Claire's story. I got to know Claire just a little bit, but I still think about her all the time. 

This happened at Xcel Energy Center.

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