Things We Had To Deal With 15 Years Ago That Millenials Just Don't Understand

 First, it still takes some time to realize that referring to 15 years ago does not mean referring to the ’90s anymore. That’s still an adjustment in and of itself. Regardless, 15 years ago, all the way back in 2002, there were a few things that were a part of our life and dealt with everyday that seem absurd thinking about it in today’s tech world. 

Buzzfeed put together a great list of almost 30 things those 14 or younger may not realize WE had to dealwith back in the “good ol’ days.”

Some of our favorites include:

Some of our favorites include:

-Flipping through a CD Book to find the perfect playlist

-Carrying both a phone AND iPod

-Watching the TV Guide Channel and waiting for something good to watch

-Watching movies on VHS, especially those with TWO tapes!

-Waiting for your Netflix to show up in the mail

-Waiting a week to see if all the pictures you took on vacation came out good or not

-When your internet crashed

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