10 Qualities You Should Look For In A Husband?

1. He messages you to check you've gotten home safe - and stays awake until he knows you have. 

2. He's the man who doesn't try and change you and loves you for who you are.

3. He sends flowers to your office 'just because'.

4. He motivates you to achieve more and be a better person than you already are.

5. He never makes you doubt how he feels about you and constantly reassures you that you're the one for him.

6. He pays for everything out of respect and would never let you spend a penny on anything. 

7. You still get butterflies when you walk into the room and see him.  

8. He isn't afraid to kiss you in public.

9. He will always text you back - no questions asked.

10. You'd proudly introduce him to your father. 

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