Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis are Getting Sued over Copyright Infringement

According to a new lawsuit, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ breakthrough hit “Thrift Shop” is not an original.

Jazz musician Paul Batiste contends that the popular track borrows heavily from two of his own songs, “Hip Jazz” and “World of Blues.” He says the track beat, along with the horn melodies come directly from his songs, which were recorded in 1997 and 2000.

Batiste describes himself as a founding member of The Batiste Brothers Band, and a “major influence” on the current New Orleans jazz scene. He is also suing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for their song “Neon Cathedral,” where he maintains they lifted from three of his other songs.

Batiste has filed similar lawsuits in the past against T-Pain, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, as well as several record labels.

Music video contains some language.

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