A New Science Study Has Come Up With A Foolproof Way To Get Over Your Ex

Being dumped is terrible, but so is the recovery time that follows. You know, when you become a pathetic and mopey version of yourself? Your friends don’t like seeing you like that either, which is why they’re full of advice to help you get over your heartbreak. But it turns out they could be onto something by telling you to find a rebound fling or to just binge on ice cream and rom coms.

According to a new study from the University of Colorado, Boulder, there is a scientifically-proven method for getting over your ex. They’ve found that the best way to move on is to just fake it ‘til you make it. As in just act like you’re over your ex until you actually are.

The idea is to just do things that you think will help you get over your ex - that could be hooking up with someone new, or hitting the gym every day, or wallowing on the couch with Netflix - and eventually, you really will be over your ex. Sounds simple, right? Well, they say it works.

Senior study author Tor Wagner, explains, “Just the fact that you’re doing something for yourself and engaging in something that gives you hope may have an impact.” So after your next breakup, just remember to trick your brain into getting over it until you actually do. Science says it’ll work.

Source: Elite Daily

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