This Bag Allows You To Sous-Vide Your Food in the Washing Machine

Leave it to a student to find a way to do your laundry and prepare dinner in one motion. 

Iftach Gazit, a design student at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has invented a line of premade meals that creatively reimagine washing machines as sous-vide cookers. 

His Sous La Vie bags, which don’t technically exist yet, are designed to come in three varieties — salmon with teriyaki sauce, mixed veggies in olive oil and garlic salt, and garlic-herb steak. 

He actually says the idea wasn’t inspired by some need for thrifty precision cooking, but by a trip to New York, where he saw how the city’s homeless population relies on laundromats to do everything from fill up water bottles and recharge cell phones to nap without getting hassled. Gazit saw a lot of promise as a spot to knock out some cooking, too.


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