Vote For Local Mom Who Wants To Sing Live With Brandi Carlile

A local woman is in the voting finals to perform live with 2017 Basillica Block Party artist, Brandi Carlile on stage in L.A. 

Her name is Karen Hazlett and she's a mother of five from the Twin Cities and she needs your vote. Check out more from Karen & "Do It For Karen" by voting here.

Here’s the Facebook message we received from her niece:

"My aunt just moved to 6th place in the cover stories competition that Brandi Carlile is holding. She's the only contestant from MN in the top 10, and the top 5 advance to be reviewed by judges. 

She's a mom and she taught herself how to play by listening to Brandi in order to pull herself out of a depression/anxiety hole so she could take care of her youngest who was newly-diagnosed with NF. 

Any support you guys could throw her would be amazing and greatly appreciated."

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