Is NEW MUSIC from SAM SMITH on the horizon??

It's official Sam Smith is back in the studio! Not much known at this point we don't know where in the song writing process he is, if he's just beginning or if he has ideas of works he would like to put into motion or if he has the full album penned and he's just recording... None the less, this is very exciting news!

What we do know is he is working with legendary producer timbaland who has given us such works as, "cry me a river" for Justin Timberlake, and he's worked with acts from Jay-Z, to Madonna and even OneRepublic and Drake.

Like I said we don't know much but from timbaland's IG it looks like everyone is happy and having fun and working hard.

It's been 3 years since getting anything new from Sam Smith and we can't wait!! 2017 has already given us so much amazing music and there's a lot of 2017 left so here's hoping!!

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