School Boy Who HAS To Participate In Triathlons To Stay Alive

Well, here's a reminder to not take things for a gentle smack to the face type reminder.

A schoolboy who suffers from a rare condition that means he keeps gaining weight is fighting for his life - by competing in triathlons.

Jake Vella, eight, has a deadly hormonal illness that makes him pile on the pounds despite maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising.

But no matter what he does, he will continue to get larger as a result of the condition - of which less than 100 people have ever been diagnosed.

Doctors are unsure how long he has left to live as no sufferer has ever managed to survive into their 20s.

The condition can also lead to the development of certain tumours. In Jake's case, It has caused one to grow on his back. 

But in an effort to remain as healthy as possible and to try and fight the weight gain, he completes triathlons.

Despite the judgemental looks he receives, he dreams of replicating the success of the Brownlee brothers, Team GB's famous Olympic medallists.

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