We Could All Learn From This Little Girl

I took SO many positive things from this one, simple, little transaction......

Reminds me of why I love children. They're so pure. Yes, we are the adults and it's our responsibility to teach our children, BUT we can learn SO much from kids. 

I've actually had conversation around this subject with Elsie. When she started "pre-pre-school" I wondered how she'd do with diversity and interaction. In her first class she had an African-American girl, I wondered what she thought about that......you know what she thought? Absolutely nothing. Of course, she was about 3 & a half at the time. She hasn't be influenced by the world. I wanted to ask something about this little girl without influencing Elsie's judgement, so one day I asked her if there was anything different about her, after thinking for a bit, you know how Elsie responded? "Uhhhhh......no.....nothing......she's my friend at school". I couldn't have been prouder. Reminded me that our children are a blank canvas. It's our job to shape them properly. 

The story below reminds me of this too.......this little girl, she doesn't see ANYTHING different about her doll. 

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