One Last Look At The Crayon Crayola Is Killing Off Today

Today is National Crayon Day and Crayola has decided to use this opportunity to announce the official retirement of a color from its classic 24-pack and hearts are breaking. The art supply company announced last week it would be retiring a crayon on March 31 (a.k.a. National Crayon Day), but because the company likes to twist our emotions (and we probably couldn’t wait anyway) it announced the crayon’s departure today.

So who got the boot? The cutest gold-colored crayon, Dandelion. Although this might sound sad, Crayola made Dandelion’s departure very lighthearted and due to an “adventurous spirit.”

More details on the new color set joining the 24-count box will be revealed Friday at a Crayola event in Times Square, which will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Au revoir, Dandelion. You will be missed.

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