ICYMI: Struggling Mom Gets Help From....Her 9 Year Old Daughter!?

This little girl is so impressive. I love finding and reading about kids like this......as much crap as there is in this world, especially lately, I seem to find a story like this almost everyday. It's important to remember how many good people there are out, still, too.

Nine-year-old Ariel Koltes took matters into her own hands when she realized her family was about to be evicted from their Las Vegas home. She just couldn’t take the chaos of packing and unpacking again and the obscurity of her future.  Ariel wrote a heart wrenching letter to her local news station appealing for help. 

The Fox5 Surprise squad answered!! Not only were able to cover the next few months rent but so much more. They gave Ariel’s mother the chance to get back on her feet.

Generally, most nine-year-olds are worried about homework and their social life and now Ariel can get back to that good stuff.

Watch the video above for the full story- you won’t believe all the news- crew does for them!!

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