#GroceryStorePick-UpLines WereTrending on Twitter & They Were Awesome

I hope this isn't the last time we walk down the aisle.

• Your eyes say "no," but your Ramen Noodles say "I'm willing to settle.”

• Lettuce go somewhere private and ketchup.

• You say tomato, I say tom...orrow you wanna get dinner?

• Are you paying for your items with cash or debit? Well it doesn't matter because I'm checking you out either way.

• Do you mind if I check YOU out?

• Your melons are nice and firm.

• If you were a vegetable, you'd be a CUTEcumber.

• Would you like to foil around?

• Hi, I'm pleased to MEAT you.

• You're too hot for the freezer aisle.

• I'd like to double bag you.

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