Homeowner's Association Using Drones To Keep Residents In Line

Residents of the Concord Station community said they got a notice online alerting them that the homeowners' association would be flying a test drone Tuesday. They also used a vehicle with a camera mounted to a car to see if that’s a better option.

Resident Joe Denuncio said he did a double take when he first heard the plan.

“I’m still confused -- I’m not sure what the drones, the purpose of the drones, what they’re using it for,” said Denuncio. “I don’t want a drone flying over my house, you know, seeing my backyard. Who knows?"

"We live in Pasco County," he continued. "I may like to sunbathe nude. I‘m sure nobody wants to see that and I don’t want to look up and see a drone over my head.”

Denuncio said he first heard about the drone flight on the community’s Facebook page. In the post there were some people who were on board with the idea, while a number of others felt the same way Denuncio does.

The people who are opposed to the drones had a number of concerns, like the invasion of their privacy and the drone shooting video in their backyards.


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