Save The Bees! General Mills Has an Easy, New Way To Get Involved

Cereal maker General Mills is trying to help save bees. The company has launched a new initiative to raise awareness about a problem that’s been buzzing for years: declining bee populations. 

Why should we care? Bees pollinate plants. We eat plants and the animals we eat, eat plants.

But it's not just about bees – there are other “pollinators” that are endangered. And that’s the idea behind General Mills’ "Bring Back the Bees" campaign. 

To get the movement started, the company is pledging to giveaway 100-million wildflower seeds in partnerships with Veseys Seeds.

Wanna participate? Click here or log on to, fill out the questionnaire and your wildflower seeds should arrive in four to six weeks later.

 (NBC News)

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