New App Helps You Find Strangers On Facebook With Facial Recognition Software

An entrepreneur in Britain has invented a new app that’s just another way invade someone’s privacy in an ultra-creepy way. 

Of course, you could also view it as a way to meet that hot stranger across the way. But that’s it you’re too much of a wuss to introduce yourself…and you view stalking as the next logical option. The app is called Facezam.

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With Facezam, you can simply take a picture of the person you’re interested in – without their knowledge or permission, of course. What fun would that be? Then, just like Shazam finds music for you through audio recognition, Facezam finds people through facial recognition. 

Just put the picture in the app, and search. The app goes through all of Facebook, and within 10 seconds it finds the right person with a 70% accuracy rate.

Facial recognition technology has obviously come a long, long way. This app can be incredibly intriguing – or incredibly invasive – depending on the moral compass and sanity level of the stalker…er…person that’s using it. 

Consider this one more step in the complete elimination of any form of privacy anywhere in the world. Sleep well, and beware of random picture takers!


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