Judge Throws Laughing Parents Out Of Courtroom During Sentencing

Follow my posts.....generally I don't judge people like this, but these people are classless morons. Simple as that. And I don't feel bad saying it. 

I feel for the daughter, who is the convicted drunk driver because she appears QUITE remorseful and people make mistakes. (And please don't roll your eyes at me or think I don't take drunk driving seriously, I'm just saying that almost everyone at some point in their life has probably been not ok to drive).

Most of all, of course, feel most for the people who lost their Dad/family member. Ugh, I'd be sick and beside myself. I can not even imagine how that feels. 

Anyway, I shared this because I felt these despicable humans deserved to be called out. Props to the judge for not taking any crap and, possibly, hopefully, serving up some lessons to adults who should already know better.

Way more on the story, photos, more video, HERE

Pretty much dumbfounded, but glad it appears this person (these people) did learn a lesson as you'll see in the video below, which is after just ONE night in jail. I think this was a brilliant message sent by this judge. I realize she's as able to make a mistake as anyone else, but I believe she was on some high horse that required a wake up call. Please share this message. 

I've said it a million times, especially since last November, WE ALL NEED TO BE BETTER. Better people. Period the end. I suck at a lot of things in my life, but I try to be better, be the best I can, every single day and crap like this behavior just isn't good enough.

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